The Paywall Players are Scrambling

We've been saying for years that a simple paywall model isn't enough. Companies flocked to building plugins to... wait for it... pay for content. In the news recently is the first atomic bomb drop on the metered paywall model brought to you by Google Chrome.

Monojoy Bhattacharjee wrote an enlightening piece for WNIP last month which burst the bubble of publishers all across the web.

“Private browsing modes are one of several tactics people use to manage their cookies and thereby “reset” the meter count,” Google admits.

Maybe more important than the publishers who are now scrambling to find more fool-proof and strategic solutions to increase revenues, software providers everywhere are in damage control mode trying to find a new spin on their products which have lost their value. We're seeing solution providers begin to finally wake up and talk about lifetime value (LTV) of customers - exactly what Fullcube has been delivering for brands for more than a decade.

Identifying your best customers, and bundling value at premium price points is easy to envision. Executing this strategy technically is very difficult. This is why Fullcube exists... to provide the comprehensive and integrated solution set so that sports, media and entertainment brands can maximize LTV of their customer base.

The time is now. It is cost effective without disruption, quick to deploy, and breathes new life into your audience.

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