Niche Media Piece on Membership Revenue

Earlier this year, there was a fantastic piece (and reminder) of the value that gets generated through deeper audience relationships that comes with memberships (i.e. Insider Programs) in Niche Media.

By shifting strategy and focusing on delivering value to the most engaged portion of their audiences—their whales—media companies have found new revenue streams. - Rob Ristagno

From time to time, we like to share articles and blog posts that share our thinking around the value of a brand's top customers (or "whales" as this piece describes). We're seeing more and more publishers augment their typical "product SKU" mindset with a tiered Insider Program offering.

This pieces reaffirms what we preach on a daily basis that a paywall is not the same thing as a membership. With that being said, there is no reason paywall-driven publishers cannot also introduce Insider programs that extend gated-content into a more multi-dimensional Insider program that extends engagement into experiences, commerce and more.

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