Esports Outdrew NFL's Super Bowl

If you haven't gotten to know Esports yet, it's time to get caught up. If you need any more proof of life, look no further than the November “League of Legends” World Championship finals which drew over 100 Million unique online viewers. This was a larger tuned-in audience than last year's Super Bowl.

The esports chief revealed that not only is Riot near to closing a deal with another title sponsor for the summer North American finals, but that “a variety of digital opportunities” were coming down the line to enhance the viewing and fan engagement experience.

Let me repeat. ONE HUNDRED MILLION fans watched a multiplayer online battle arena video game competition.

The Esports industry is hotter than ever, highlighted by the recent announcement of a $46M round of capital by team, Gen.G, led by star Will Smith, along with Alibaba and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Fullcube was recently tapped to help Esports leader, ReKTGlobal tackle its Team Rogue's fanbase through an Insider membership initiative. A first of its kind, ReKT's Team Rogue is in the process of deploying a Team Rogue Insider program which will help convert passive viewers into relationship-driven Insiders with unique benefits, opportunities and experiences. We're excited to see an evergreen industry such as Esports take a fan-first approach. We're hopeful that more franchises recognize the importance of "owning" its own fanbase, and not allowing the likes of Twitch to be the end-all, be-all.

There is a lot to learn from many traditional sports and media brands, who spent millions to buy "likes" and "follows" in the last decade, ultimately building the businesses of Twitter and Facebook rather than their own. Esports teams are hoping to maximize their acquisition efforts to aggregate their own direct-to-consumer relationships.

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